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In Leeds, don’t shout taxi or the driver may not understand you. In London, take the bus to avoid a taxi-rickshaw feud. In Deli, remember to check if the taxi has GPS…if you’re a woman. These are just a few of the taxi happenings around the world….

Leeds Taxi Language Laws

While taxis all over the world are having a tough time of it (with digital competition and all), it seems UK drivers are really bearing the brunt – from all sides, too. In some instances, even the law isn’t on their side!

As if they didn’t have enough to worry about, now non-English speaking heirs to the taxi driver’s seat have to learn the Queen’s language in a mere six months! These heirs tend to be the spouses of deceased taxi drivers.

The Leeds city council does drive a good point, though – it’s good business to speak what most of your customers speak. We just hope that they will be assisting these knighted cabbies with getting notarised, unless they are allowed to taxi people while pursuing their bona fide English-speaking certification.

Taxi-Rickshaw Showdown in Londontown

And then there’s South African tourist attraction the rickshaw… While these three-wheeled, man-powered mobiles are loved here at home, they are the bane of the taxi driver’s existence in London.

Though these little “cars” are more eco-friendly than their motorised cousins, they are getting a bad rap for taking up taking up…wait for it…space??? in the congested city. But whose side are we on, anyway? The taxi drivers, of course! It’s clearly hard out there for a cabbie…

Here’s what both sides have to say…

No GPS No Fare in Delhi

Time to take a more serious turn…into Delhi. The Indian city has introduced a new law that requires all taxis to have GPS (how delayed, right?) And it’s not for the convenience of getting to your destination efficiently. It’s to ensure that passengers get to their destination at all! Not any passenger, but female ones to be more specific.


This comes as a result of the spate of sexual attacks against women in not only the city, but the country at large. The deciding factor was a taxi driver’s assault on a 25-year-old girl in December.

On a lighter note, taking a taxi in Cape Town? It’s all good. Book a Rikkis taxi today…

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