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Taxi Terms to Humour the Traveller


The taxi industry’s lingo is pretty straightforward, but we’re in the business of poking fun at commonplace things (in addition to ferrying people across Cape Town). So without further ado, here’s your concise Rikkis glossary to taxi terms (you already know)… A Short Taxi Ride to ‘D’ Destination – where you’re going to…duh. Driver – […]

Crazy Things You Never Knew about Taxis


We’ve trolled the Net for some interesting, strange and unbelievable facts about taxis you probably never heard of. Here’s our quirky list of taxi titbits… Finland’s Taxi Royalties And nope, we’re not saying that Finland’s royal elite are in the taxi business. Sounded like that though, hey? We’re actually referring to music royalties. In Finland, […]

Rikkis Top Taxi Movie Scenes


We’re putting the cool back in cabbie (let’s pretend, shall we?) and sharing our four top taxi movie scenes. And what’s cooler than starting your very own trend? That’s why we’re going with four flicks instead of the standard three or 10. And seeing that taxi is a four-letter word, we thought we’d follow suit. […]