Crazy Things You Never Knew about Taxis

We’ve trolled the Net for some interesting, strange and unbelievable facts about taxis you probably never heard of. Here’s our quirky list of taxi titbits…

Finland’s Taxi Royalties

And nope, we’re not saying that Finland’s royal elite are in the taxi business. Sounded like that though, hey? We’re actually referring to music royalties. In Finland, taxi drivers are required by law to pay a fee if they play music in their cars while ferrying customers. The bill is reasonable coming in at roughly $40 (R443) a year, but being a cabby is a tough business, so many simply turn off the tunes when they have customers.

Hay Laws for London Taxis

In London’s “hay” day, taxi drivers were required to carry a bale of hay and a stack of oats. This is because back then taxis had four legs rather than four wheels. The horses that drew the hackney carriages had to be fed and, thus, a bale of hay had to be kept in the boot. The council also had to supply a water trough at the taxi ranks. Could this have been the first instance of animal rights activism?

Chicago Taxis’ Barf Bill

Planning on boozing it up in Chi-Town? You had better carry some extra cash in case you get motion sickness. There, the law states that taxi drivers can charge a $50 (R550) cleanup fee to any passenger who vomits during their ride. So now in Chicago you have to drink responsibly even when taking a taxi! We like this…

Japan’s Automatic Taxi Doors

This taxi titbit is more crazy-cool than crazy. In Japan, taxi doors open automatically. Not all of them…just the left, rear one. Travellers there simply wait by the door (like the valued paying customers they are) and voila – the taxi driver makes it open with a push of a button. If potential passengers get too close or try to open the door themselves, the driver will sternly ask them to “step back.”

Check out one of Japan’s automatic taxi doors for yourself:

Barf bill?! Kind of makes you glad you live in Cape Town now, right? Well, except for the automatic doors…Japan’s got it good!

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