How To Meet Locals in Cape Town


Local is definitely lekker (nice)! Why else would you have come to visit Cape Town? Chances are you’ve heard rave reviews back home from friends who’ve graced the windy city, sunny and everything-in-between city…

Now that you’ve landed, here are a few tips on how to meet lekker Cape Town locals…

Why Meet Locals, Anyway?

What’s the point of travelling? To experience something you never experienced before, right? Well, as luck might have it, South Africa isn’t as third world as people make it out to be. So if you stick to the suburbs and CBDs, you might as well have saved yourself a couple of grand and stayed at home. The best way to experience something new is to hang with the people…of the South (or wherever the travel bug takes you).

Taking Cape Town Transport

This could be any mode of transportation – buses, trains, combi taxis and even meter taxi! We’re sure you’re wondering, “Meter taxis? I’m sure those are for private hire…” – in many cases, yes. But in this case, we mean the share ride variety like the ones on offer at Rikkis taxis. Book a share ride and meet likeminded locals who enjoy the comfortable side of life in a semi-private hire.

Be a Good Sport

Sports in South Africa are just as big as they are back home. Chances are, you’ll find a following in Cape Town – maybe not for your choice sport, but if the fervour is high enough, we’re sure you’ll follow suit (and make local friends) in no time. Head to a sports bar on a night when soccer, cricket or rugby is playing and you’re bound to meet some action lovers.

Some great Cape Town sports bars are…

Tommy’s Sports and Party bar – 179 Loop Street, CBD

Foresters Arms – 52 Newlands Avenue, Newlands; website

The Fireman’s Arms – Corner Budengracht And Mechau Street, CBD (next to Buitengracht Street); website

Mitchell’s Ale House – Corner East Pier & Dock Road, V&A Waterfront; website

Pirates Steakhouse and Pub – 52 Victoria Avenue, Hout Bay

Need a ride there? Book a Rikkis

Learn the Lingo

If you can learn to gooi a – well, heck if you even use the word “gooi” (meaning throwing) you’re halfway in there. But yeah, if you can gooi a local word or two in, like “dinges” (thing or thingamabob), “eish” (an exclamation expressing disbelief) or “kwaai” (cool or excellent), you’re in there too. We love it when you put an effort in when it comes to local expressions! And we don’t judge pronunciation either…so go ahead and gooi!


Take a Picture…

…and ask someone to snap it for you! They say a picture is worth a thousand words after all. Who knows what conversations could be struck up during that “click!” Same with directions or anything else you need help with. Meeting Cape Town folk is easy peasy…

Want to meet lekker locals? Start by booking a Rikkis share ride on 0861RIKKIS and the rest will…ride into place!

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