Need a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi?


We, at Rikkis, are firm believers that all Capetonians should have equal access to transport services. That’s why our taxis are fully wheelchair accessible, so that disabled people can also get around our beautiful city easily and freely.

Rikkis Taxis…Ahead of the Rest

Last year, when City of Cape Town announced new by-laws to improve local taxi industry, one of the main areas addressed was the lack of wheelchair accessible taxis. We’re happy to say that our taxis were not one of them. Where others lacked, we succeeded – maybe not with high-tech lifts, but getting into our cabs was definitely no big feat for a wheelchair user.

Making Cape Town Wheelchair Friendly

Disabled people, being representative of only a small part of Cape Town’s population, have largely been overlooked by the city’s public transport system. Up until recently, Rikkis was one of the few services offering wheelchair access to its customers. Much of this changed in 2012 when MyCiti launched a range features catering to disabled passengers, including those in wheelchairs.


Easier, Safer, Comfortable, Timeous Transport

Not only can a wheelchair user arrive to his/her destination on time (minus the stop-and-go journey that comes with other modes of public transport), they can also do so in safety and comfort. In fact, research has shown that disabled people are seven times more likely to be victims of crime because of their vulnerability. Why wait at a bus stop and ride a crowded bus, when you can be the king of your taxi?

Booking a Taxi with Rikkis

A handful of our London cabs are equipped for wheelchair access. When booking, simply let the call centre agent know that you require this service. We’ll dispatch one of our vehicles right to your door. Our driver will then position a manual ramp and safely guide you into the taxi, ensuring that you are secure and comfortable before departing on the journey.

Need a taxi with wheelchair accessibility? Book a Rikkis taxi on 0861RIKKIS

Need a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi?

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  1. They offer wheelchair accessible services that make travel easier, comfortable and safer.

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