Rikkis Partners with Cape Town’s Skateboarding Youths

Skateboarding is a mode of transport…and we’re in the business of transport! Wouldn’t a partnership with a skateboard-loving youth organisation be a match made in heaven? The fact that we’re helping these kids get to a skateboard design workshop is the cherry on top…

Uplifting Cape Town’s Kids

Rikkis Taxis is proud to announce that we are the taxi partners to Sk8 for Gr8, an organisation dedicated to bringing Cape Town’s kids closer to developing their artistic talents. Through the merging of art with skateboarding, founder Alison Parker brings design to the sidewalks and education to the streets. This July, she has partnered with Nebula Skateboarding, a non-profit organisation that uplifts the children of Gugulethu and Valhalla Park through skateboarding.


Decked-Out Skateboard Design

The initiative involves a series of workshops in Woodstock, where skater boys and girls learn innovative ways to turn their creative ideas into possible careers. Using skateboards as canvases, each child is paired with a designer that mentors them through the process of designing a skateboard deck, including research, brainstorming, creating and executing. These child-inspired decks are then auctioned off and the proceeds are funnelled back into their education.

By creating a platform for the city’s kids to develop creative skills, Alison is uplifting the underprivileged youth one skateboard at a time.


Rikkis Taxis to the Rescue!

But Woodstock is a tad far for the kids in Gugulethu and Valhalla Park. That’s where Rikkis Taxis comes in!

“Working with kids, one needs to ensure they are looked after from start to finish, and Rikkis Taxis offers a quality service that answers to exactly that,” said Alison. “I have used Rikkis many times before, so when it came to partnering with a cab service in Cape Town, it simply made sense.”

By transporting these kids to and from the Sk8 for Gr8 design workshops, Rikkis Business Marketing Consultant Sven Watlington believes they are making a positive contribution to the city’s children. “Cape Town’s youth need all the assistance they can get to overcome their challenging situations. We encourage other brands to contribute to this landscape by offering similar services where they can make a difference, too.”


Want to get involved? Email Alison Parker at sk8forgr8@gmail.com and find out how you can make a difference…

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