Rikkis Share Ride Etiquette

At Rikkis, we take you places. And sometimes we take a few of you places at the same time, because we believe that sharing is caring.

While booking a Rikkis Share Ride is a great way to meet people, it does mean that you may encounter a handful of different personalities. Here are few courteous things to consider before and during your ride to make the ride pleasant for everyone…

Share Ride Etiquette 1… Be on time.

You’ve called your Rikkis Share Ride taxi and it’s en route. Please make your way to the pick-up point you’ve specified timeously as there is always a yellow cab bustling about nearby. And chances are someone who is going in your direction has called just after you and is also waiting. Let’s keep the beehive system buzzing.

Share Ride Etiquette 2…It’s Not a Space Race

Our taxis have loads of space, so there’s no need to invade anyone else’s. While you may feel tempted to really take advantage of the legroom a Rikkis taxi provides, we strongly suggest you keep your body (and belongings) to yourself.

Share Ride Etiquette 3…Smell No Evil. Hear No Evil.

Space also extends to the invisible bits between you and your fellow commuters. Things that permeate the air like fragrances, strong-smelling foods and loud music could cause other passengers discomfort. While our taxis are spacious, they’re still confined – let’s not hot box them, shall we?! That’s why it’s a good idea refrain from freshening up, eating or listening to music loudly while en route to your destination.

Share Ride Etiquette 4…Be Patient.

Cape Town rains. Traffic. An MIA passenger – a Rikkis Share Ride could be delayed for several reasons. Please be patient with your driver and our call centre should your taxi be slightly delayed. Our drivers and agents will do their best to keep things moving.

Are there any Share Ride Etiquette tips we may have left out? Leave a comment. If it’s well-mannered and worthy, we’ll add it to our list.

Looking to get somewhere on a budget? Book a Rikkis Share Ride on 0861RIKKIS.

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