Rikkis Taxis gets moving for Movember

A fortnight after supporting breast cancer awareness at the Cintron Pink Polo, Rikkis Taxis honors the efforts of the Movember foundation with a drive to support prostate cancer awareness.

It was an obvious choice for Rikkis Taxis to partner with the Movember Foundation, offering it’s fleet of 35+ taxis in Cape Town to grow its bumper Mo’s and get moving for a good cause. The campaign set in motion is Grow, Give and Move.

Grow. Need we say more?

Give. Signup on the Movember website and donate toward a good cause.

Move. For every 10km the taxis move, Rikkis will donate R1 to the Movember fund.

So, just by traveling in a Rikkis Taxis in November you are also donating toward the Movember fund. Lekker jy Rikkis.

If you’re still not sure of what the Movember initiative is about, then you must be living in a cave somewhere – for you cavemen out there, here’s a snippet.

Movember raises awareness and money for men’s health, specifically for prostate and testicular cancer all around the world. Since it’s inception it has become a global movement of promoting awareness and growing moustaches in support of the deadly disease. Hipsters like you then donate and the money helps support men who need it the most.  Hashtag ManlyLove.

So what to do next if you wanted to do more than grow your Mo? Follow step 2 and step 3 above. Visit https://za.movember.com/ and donate.  Even if it’s the last R10 you’re planning to buy that ice cold draught with. The other option is to call a Rikkis and drive somewhere fun and we’ll make the donation on your behalf. Look out for our branded taxis moving around the city and don’t forget, we’ll take you places.

Cape Town Taxis Movember branded

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