Road Closures? Stay Sane. Take a Taxi!


Commuters, is the Camps Bay Drive road closure getting you down? Let Rikkis taxis help you get around…

Exodus Causes Major Traffic

We’ve heard much talk about the roadwork on Camps Bay Drive causing all sorts of traffic. With fewer streets to use as a result of the widening of the famed drive, everyone has had to find alternative byways – like the Chris Botha Avenues, Geneva Drives and Victoria Roads – to get to civilisation (whoops, we meant CBD). But you’d rather be a leader than a follower, right? Sit back and relax in a Rikkis taxi and let us deal with the traffic for you.

Camps Bay Drive MyCiTi Rerouting

So you live in Bakoven! How unfortunate. Well, not the area, but the fact that the Camps Bay Drive roadworks are happening right in your hood. And supposedly MyCiTi buses 106 and 107 have also been rerouted. Bummer. What to do? You could learn the new route – which isn’t to far off the plot and if you’ve got time to kill, this is the perfect route to go. But if you couldn’t be bothered, then go for it and book a Rikkis taxi. We’ll do the extra journey plotting for you.

What do you say?!

Rikkis-Camps-Bay-Drive-Road-Closures-MyCiTi-TaxiCamps Bay Drive Road Closure

In case you didn’t know (because you’re not on social media, don’t watch the news or read the paper), here’s why you can’t take Camps Bay Drive for the next five months…

To keep commuters like you safe. Thanks, City of Cape Town!

  • Camps Bay Drive will be widened by 1,4 m – this means wider lanes, which will hopefully lessen the chances of you bumping the car in the next one.
  • The road surface will be replaced with recycled material (eco-friendly…nice!) and asphalt.
  • The sharp corners daredevils like to speed through will be slackened to make such feats less enticing.

Despite the inconvenience of it all, City of Cape Town gets a thumbs up for making the roadwork take place during winter when the roads get dangerously wet. Good call.

Now for getting you Bakoven dwellers to the rest of the city – hitch a Rikkis anytime from now until September.

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