Safe Taxi Travel over the Holidays

Planning on getting into the Christmas spirit with a glass of cider, eggnog or champers this December? We suggest you add getting a taxi home to your plans while you’re at it.

Eat, Drink and Travel Safely

While we’re all for having a festive drink or two, we’re also pro doing so responsibly. And we understand the slight inconvenience caused when leaving your car at a friend or family member’s house. But rather that than making this year’s post-Christmas dinner drive home your last. You’ll also feel so much more relieved when you wake up in a how-did-I-get-home panic and remember, “Oh yes. I took a cab! So worth it…”

New Year’s Taxi Travel

New Year’s also has a way of rearing its celebratory head. Go ahead and let your hair down, but remember to stay alert. If you do the smart thing and opt to take a taxi after your countdown, ensure that you take a bona fide registered one. You’d be surprised at the amount of unlicensed taxi drivers lurking on our streets on a regular day…they’re out in even fuller force over the holidays.

Holiday Taxi Safety Tips

Over the holidays, there are a lot of chancer taxis roaming the streets. Be sure to look out for these telltale signs before hiring one:

The taxi…

  • Is unmarked or unbranded.
  • doesn’t have a taxi light on the roof.
  • doesn’t have a taxi meter.

When in doubt, rather call a reputable taxi service like Rikkis. Our call centre is reachable 24-hours a day on 0861RIKKIS. You can even book in advance using our convenient online form.

Time to Wrap it Up

It’s the silly season, but that doesn’t mean you should throw all caution to the wind. Leave your car at home this Christmas and catch a taxi back instead.

Rikkis will take you there safe and sound…

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