Self-Drive Robot Taxis on the Horizon


Would you ride in a taxi that was operated by a robot? We think a really discounted fare can lure you… Not? Hmmm. Well, this article isn’t going to change your mind.

The Rise of the Robo-Taxi

Now that sounds super scary…like something out of a sci-fi book. Quite unbelievable and cool that the world is heading that direction – the question is, are we ready?

According to Morgan Stanley, Yes.

Morgan Stanley Research’s chief auto-dude Adam Jonas rates that in the very near future we’ll all be putt putting along in vehicles manned by droids. Well, if it’s your own car, that’s one thing, but a taxi? We’re not quite sure the world has been sold onto that idea yet.

This Jonas foresees the masses foregoing their cars altogether and putting their faith and transportation fate into these robo-powered vehicles. Who’s with that?! Raise your hand…


Mind over Metal? Or…Not

Realistically speaking, machines do fail…yes, humans do err, but we also have a certain level of intuition that no robot can ever imitate. That’s right – don’t believe the hype about artificial intelligence. And if they’re not maintained properly, who knows what can go wrong.

Money Talks. Ditch the Walk.

It is rumoured that these robo-taxis will be able to ferry you 1km for as little as R1,88. Check out this article and do the mind-blowing maths for yourself. This is because less overheads (ie. drivers’ salaries) means less expenses equals less on the passenger’s pockets, right? Wrong.


We all know the nature of capitalism – cut down operation costs and up the prices to turn a bigger profit. And when the world has done away with their cars and the Fords, Toyotas, Minis and BMWs close shop what do you think will happen? We rate the robo-taxi rates will skyrocket in Uber-esque fashion because of the high demand and no transport alternative.

Just saying…

In Conclusion

Now when they introduce hover cars – that’s going to be something straight out of The Jetsons. Can’t wait for that! As for robo-taxis? Keep them parked in the workshops where they belong.

Until then, what do you say about these self-drive taxis? Yay or neigh? Share your views below…


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