Sunglass Hut Brings Fashion and Selfies to Taxis


This September, snap selfies in our Sunglass Hut-branded London black cabs and be a part of history in the making.

Selfies, Sunglasses and Taxis

What’s the occasion? Well, London Fashion Week (18 – 22 September) is around the corner. And what does this have to do with Rikkis taxis and history in the making? If you need us to put two-and-two together for you, you’re probably not from Cape Town and don’t know that we roll in the biggest London cab fleet in town. That’s one reason why we’re involved. Here’s another…

Sunglass Hut is London Fashion Week’s principal sponsor and has taken the opportunity to wear the fact not on their sleeve (as one would expect) but on Rikkis taxis! In fact, they’re making the bold announcement on London cabs around the globe. Rikkis has been tasked to take Sunglass Hut’s London Fashion Week campaign to the streets of Cape Town and Joburg.


The Rikkis Roaming Instabooth

Back to the history in the making bit…

Rikkis is a firm believer in transcending taxi technology, which is why we’re bringing Instabooths into taxis for the first time in South Africa. So, if you enjoy sharing the odd selfie on Instagram, this photo-op is tailor-made for you!

From 15 – 22 September, our London cabs will be kitted with a customised screen and printer so while you ride, you can do what you do best – look cute for the camera! Snap your selfie, load it, print it and keep it – all from the backseat of a Rikkis Taxi!

So, how does it work? Simply take a photo and upload it to Instagram using #punkitup. This hashtag will generate an image preview on a mounted tablet. If you like it, press print and the driver will hand you your picture.


Sunglass Hut and London Fashion Week

The three-year partnership between London Fashion Week and Sunglass Hut represents a new chapter in the accessory brand’s story. Aiming to be a benchmark in the fashion world, Sunglass Hut has sponsored local initiatives during the fashion weeks in New York, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Singapore and South Africa.

So the next time you need a cab to get around Cape Town, book a Rikkis taxi. You just might walk away with an Instagram print for mahala!

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Sunglass Hut Brings Fashion and Selfies to Taxis

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  1. I absolutely loved seeing this cab drive around Cape Town. It was so cool.
    Also, that BrandRocket hashtag printer. Ingenious to print instagram photos in a Taxi.
    5 stars!

    Monique May 11, 2016 at 9:02 pm #

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