Taxi Licences Benefit Riders, too!


Has your taxi ever been impounded mid-ride? Apart from the inconvenience, there is another (very serious) reason you’ll want to ensure the next one you hire is licensed…

With the recent spate of impounded taxi vehicles, a trail of disgruntled cab-faring customers has been left in its wake. Many people who’ve found themselves caught between a backseat and a hard place think that the City of Cape Town’s new by-laws are just making the commuter’s life that much harder. Quite the contrary, actually…

It Drives, therefore it is a Vehicle

And just like any other vehicle on the road, a taxi also needs to go through the proper procedures to ensure that it’s roadworthy and meets all the conditions for safe travel. Even more so considering that taxis are in the business of transporting people on a regular basis. Because they are on the roads longer than the average commuter, this increases their chances of getting into accidents.

Taxis and the Road Accident Fund

A licenced taxi that gets into an accident is eligible to claim from the Road Accident Fund. A taxi that isn’t…you guessed it…is not. The taxi driver’s loss you think. Think again. Your loss too. The Road Accident Fund extends to everyone in the vehicle – that is if the vehicle has a roadworthy certificate. In this case, an operating licence.

How a Licensed Taxi Benefits You

The SA Government has also vetted legal taxi businesses, ensuring that they operate legally according to the law and that they have the prescribed permits. Should the licensed taxi you happen to be hiring get into an accident en route to your destination, you can claim any injuries incurred as a result from the Road Accident Fund. Goverment partners with these taxi organisations and if a passenger has any grievances, they can hold the Government and its policies liable.

Lightbulb moment?! We love those…

That is why it’s a good idea to make sure the taxi you’re getting into has a licence before you embark on your trip.

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