Taxi Terms to Humour the Traveller

The taxi industry’s lingo is pretty straightforward, but we’re in the business of poking fun at commonplace things (in addition to ferrying people across Cape Town).

So without further ado, here’s your concise Rikkis glossary to taxi terms (you already know)…

A Short Taxi Ride to ‘D’

Destination – where you’re going to…duh.

Driver – the nice dude that picks you up at all hours of the day (even the wee hours of the morning) with no complaints whatsoever. Also called an operator in some parts, but in South Africa, we just call them taxi drivers.

‘F’ is for…

Fare – this term means the fee that is charged for a trip. Usually based on distance (some sneaky taxi services base theirs on time. Watch out for those buggers).

‘M’…Keep Tabs on your Moolah

Meter – also known as a taximeter, but we like to shorten words because most people couldn’t be bothered saying them in full. This is that machine you watch like a hawk during your trip as it clocks your fare based on distance and, sometimes, time (we don’t do that second one at Rikkis taxis. Seems a bit unfair).

Pulling over at ‘P’

Passenger – the person being transported from one location to another (we always hope they’re of sober mind).

Riding to ‘R’

Route – the path a taxi will take to get to your destination. Rikkis taxi drivers know every nook and cranny of the Cape Town CBD and surrounds, but if you have a preferred route, by all means, share it with your driver. We’re flexible like that.

Ssstop and Go

Share Ride – this term is eesentially a trip with two or more passengers picked up from different locations and headed to different destinations along one route. As passengers get to meet all sorts of personalities along the way, this sort of ride is for the more adventurous type.

‘T’ is for Terms of Travel

Taxi – this is the abbreviation for the word taxicab. It is a vehicle that you can hire with a driver on your own or with a group of people. Rikkis taxis does the first, but we’re also fans of the latter – because Share Rides bring likeminded, free spirits together! Cool commuters refer to the taxi as a cab.

Looking for a fun-loving taxi service in Cape Town? Give Rikkis taxis a call on 0861RIKKIS.

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