Taxi Titbits: Fun and Fast Facts


Contrary to popular belief, the taxi industry also has a handful of claims to fame. Like any other industry, there are things you’ll hear taxi drivers speak of with pride as they tell travelling tales en route to a passenger’s requested destination.

Here are a few taxi titbits that tend to do their rounds (just in case your cabbie failed to share)…

The World’s Longest Taxi Ride

“To Asia, please!” This kind of request would throw even the most seasoned taxi driver off. Luckily the three university friends embarking on the outlandish journey manned the London taxi themselves. They took advantage of their privileged position in the driver’s seat going to not one, but four continents!

The resulting trip clocked over 43,000km on the odometer and almost £80,000 on the taximeter. Luckily the travelling trio didn’t have to settle the fare themselves! GetTaxi supplied them with enough petrol to get them around the world. They even threw in accommodation and a GPS tracking system!

The 15-month journey earned the travelling troupe a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.


Highest Altitude Reached by Taxi

London’s daring trio also took their cab to heights no taxi has ever gone to before – over 5,000m! The feat was achieved on a Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai Province, China reports Guinness Book of World Records.

The World’s Biggest Taxi Fleet

With an impressive 38 million inhabitants, one would finger Tokyo to be the city with the most taxis. But coming in third in the population department is Mexico City. The Latin metropolis boasted 21 million residents in 2014, according to a United Nations report.

Despite the population numbers, Mexico City comes out tops as far as taxi fleets are concerned, beating Tokyo by a stark 70,000. No waiting for transport in this city! Mexico’s capital is indeed a traveller’s dream.

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